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Photo: C & D Frith
Wet Tropics Rainforest Life

ENDEMIC Tropical North QLD

Arses kaupi
 14 cm

             It occurs in all rainforests but is least common at higher altitudes.

             It obtains food from the bark of trees, where it spirals around trunks and large 
  branches like a treecreeper.

      This is an endemic to the Wet Tropics. It is a member of a group of birds called
  the flycatchers, which also includes Bower’s Shrike-thrush, another bird endemic
  to the region.

      The Pied Monarch is closely related to, and very similar to, the Frilled Monarch of
        Cape York Peninsula.

       It is small (14-15cm), blue-black and white with a blue eye ring. The difference
         between the male and female of the Pied Monarch (and also the Frilled Monarch)
         is in the chin. The males have black chins and the females have white chins.

       They build woven cup-shaped basket nests of small dry roots, twigs and vine
         tendrils. Spider webs are used to weave the nest, and pieces of lichen are used
         to decorate the nest. These nests are hung between hanging vines.

       Breeding season is between September and January in the wet summer season.
         Two eggs are usually laid.

       These active birds forage for food (mainly insects) on tree trunks, crevices and
         branches by clinging to the bark and flapping their wings to move them up and
         down, fanning its tail. This movement resembles that of a Treecreeper.

       They are sometimes seen singly, but more commonly in pairs.

       It is common to see this bird whilst searching for another.

       Clearing of the rainforest is greatly reducing the range in which it can live.


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